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Energy Savings Ideas

Saving money and energy can be done with just a few simple changes to when you use electricity and how you maintain your appliances.

See how our top 10 energy-saving ideas can help you save

How much is a kilowatt-hour?

How much is a kilowatt-hour?

Have you ever considered the electricity to power your everyday gadgets? Here’s an illustration of all the things you can do with 1 kilowatt-hour.

See what 1 kWh means for TV, video games, internet cat videos

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Learn about Time-of-Use rates and other electricity charges

Your household is billed based on how much and when you use electricity.

Find out more about on-, mid-, and off-peak rates and how you can shift to save


Save on Energy – Incentives and Programs

A range of Save on Energy incentives and programs are available to help you conserve on the most energy-intensive appliances in your household.

Find out more about the incentives

Your Online Consumption

Your Online Consumption

Your local hydro company provides a range of information including an online portal where you can view your daily electricity consumption.

Find your local hydro company

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